I realize that there are many reasons why people leave churches.  It could simply be because they were led by the Holy Spirit to be part of another vision or ministry.  It could also be that they have outgrown the type of spiritual nourishment offered by a particular church and are hungry for a different level of spiritual walk. However, there is also a pattern for which people leave a churches that can’t be ignored. Instead of just looking at the spiritual reasons why some people leave, I would like to explore the social and psychological reasons as well.


If they leave in TWO WEEKS it just wasn’t for them.

They stay for TWO MONTHS and then leave just simply didn’t get connected.

If they stay for SIX MONTHS  and then leave, they just didn’t make a friend.

If they stay for ONE YEAR and leave, they were just not able to use their gifts, and they are bored.

If they stay for TWO YEARS, and leave it’s because someone hurt them, or someone they care about.

If they stay for MANY YEARS and leave,  most of the time it’s  because the vision of the house  has changed and they can the longer buy in. Many times the vision changes during seasons of transition.

If you take a good look at each of these reasons, you can see that CONNECTING PEOPLE to your church is of upmost importance. One of the greatest ways to slow down the revolving exit door is to get people connected to a SMALL GROUP as soon as possible.   If you want to learn more about this topic, check out our conference on Vital Signs (August 17-18, 2017)  or visit our website for many tools on connecting your guest.


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