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About Bryan Cutshall, Th.D.

Dr. Bryan Cutshall is a conference speaker, teacher, and church consultant. He is the founder and President of Church Trainer, a resource ministry for ministers and leaders. He is also the Chancellor for the International School of the Word (ISOW), an online Bible School partnered with Perry Stone Ministries. He has authored over 47 books, including numerous training manuals for churches. He previously served as the Lead Pastor of Twin Rivers Worship Center in St. Louis, Missouri for 27 years. Under his leadership, the church grew from just 52 members to one of the most relevant megachurches in the Midwestern USA. Dr. Cutshall has served on Lee University boards, the International Executive Council of the Church of God, mayors’ councils, as well as many additional boards and committees in his community. He has personally led more than 30 mission trips and continues to lead mission trips and tours to Israel.

Bryan and his wife, Faith, together with their entire family, serve in full-time ministry. Both of their daughters are married to pastors, and the Cutshalls are the proud grandparents of 5 granddaughters.

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