Judges 2:10 When all that generation had been gathered to their fathers, another generation arose after them who did not know the Lord nor the work which He had done for Israel.

After the ten plagues miracles, the parting of the red sea, manna, pillars of fire and cloud and many more, a generation arose that had not seen any of these miracles and they did not know God nor the work he had done of Israel. This generation began to doubt God and His power to save.

South Korea was primarily a Buddhist country, but after the Azusa Street outpouring in 1906, a spirit filled revival came to this country.  It became 5% Christian as a result, of this revival movement. 50 years later another revival came to this region of the world known as the Youth for Christ movement.  Korea went from 5% Christian to 33% Christian.  The largest congregation in the world now resides in Seoul, Korea, pastored by David Younggi Cho. They are going to their “Prayer Mountain” daily to pray for another youth movement so that the next generation can experience God.  In the last American census in 2013, 36% of millennials (Ages 19-35) claimed “no” religious belief.  We need a revival in America for this generation.  I believe that if we pray, God will answer this prayer.  Join me and many others around the world who are praying for a youth movement to be born that sweeps the earth, like the Youth For Christ and the Jesus movements. Many around the world are believing for a Joel 2 outpouring on sons and daughters.  Will you join us and make this a part of your daily prayers?

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