Most people say the word “discipline” with a scowl tone when using it in a sentence. They wrinkle their nose and squint their eyes just to pronounce the word.  It’s because we usually associate the word with a marathon diet that leaves us with a headache for weeks and food cravings.  Or we associate it with something bad about ourselves that we need to change.  Discipline is viewed as the boot camp sergeant of life.

Learn these three words “together”:  Desire, Discipline, Delight.  We like the words desire and delight. It’s actually a 3 step process.  You desire something, you discipline your daily routine, the disciple becomes easy because you are now getting what you want and you are living in delight.  Discipline is a hard word if we force it all at one time. It’s like riding in your car at 60 mph and slamming on the breaks. It doesn’t have to be that way.  However, it is much easier when we “eat the elephant” one bite at a time.  You can change any part of your life that you want by tweaking your daily routine for only a few minutes a day.  Things like stretching, taking vitamins and fish oil, walking and drinking water can drastically improve your health over a period of time. If you read one chapter of a book each day, you can easily read 2-3 entire books per month. If you pray 15 minutes every day you have prayed 92 hours that year. If you weigh every day, you are only trying to loose a few pounds that you gained instead of weighing every three months and panicking over the weight gain. If you study any subject of your choice for one hour every day, you will be one of the leading experts in that field in the next five years.  If you sing a little each day, you will condition your voice to expand your voice range immensely.  We are only talking about 15 minutes of your day. The secret to discipline is consistency, not hard work and the secret to your success is found in your daily routine.

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