It was ONE shepherd boy who turned Israel into a great nation.

It was ONE prophet who stopped the rain for three and one-half years.

It was ONE man named Samson who fought an entire army of Philistines.

It was ONE woman named Rosa Parks who got on a bus and affected equal rights for all.

It was ONE man who invented nitroglycerin and ended World War I.

It was ONE man who unlocked the power of the peanut and patented over 200 discoveries for its use.

It was ONE man’s footprints that stretched across two and one-half  Continents and turned the Gentiles to Christianity while writing more than half of the New Testament.

It was ONE man that God took to the isle of Patmos and showed the agenda of the world for future generations.

It was ONE man named Noah who saved mankind from total annihilation.

It was ONE man who wrote our Declaration of Independence.

It was ONE woman who brought revival to Samaria because she met a man at a well.

It was ONE man who was convinced that the world was round and defied all of society, while withstanding their ridicule, to prove his theory was correct.

It was ONE man who stood against the Roman Catholic church and hid himself away to translate the Bible into the common language, because he was convinced that a Bible belonged in the hands of every individual.

It was ONE American soldier, named Audie Murphy, in World War II, who turned a tank sideways in the road and kept the Nazi Army and from overrunning his regiment  of men.

It was ONE cartoon artist who was fired from his job and told he had no creativity that dared to dream in the face of criticism and  created what is now called Disney World.

It was ONE man who was convinced that men could ride instead of walk and, after three failed attempts and three bankruptcies, tried one more time and created the Ford Motor Company.

It was ONE man who dreamed  that all men were created equal and had the right to be free who  started a movement that would eventually break down the walls of racism.

It only takes ONE who says, “I believe.”

It only takes ONE who will not compromise.

It only takes ONE who refuses to give in to the nay sayers.

It only takes ONE who will stand his ground and be counted.

It only takes ONE who will go the extra mile.

It only takes ONE who refuses to blend into a world painted beige and will stand out in the crowd.

It only takes ONE who will walk on, press in, take a leap of faith and see what others can’t see.

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