Sermon Archive MP3

Generosity Part 1

Generosity Part 2

Generosity Part 3

Knowing God: Guest Speaker Bishop Tim Brown

Enemies of the Heart Part 1-Guilt

Enemies of the Heart Part 2-Greed

Enemies of the Heart Part 3-Anger

Enemies of the Heart Part 4-Jealousy

I Am a New Man in Christ-Father’s Day 2014

Nothing Takes God by Surprise

What God Said about Resurrection

What God Said about Forgiveness

What God Said about Sex

What God Said about Raising Children

What God Said about Being Overwhelmed

What God Said about Teaching Your Children

Jesus at the Center

What Makes a Man Great? Guest Speaker Bishops Bill Isaacs

Fruit of the Spirit: Gifts vs. Fruits of the Spirit

Fruit of the Spirit: Love the Foundational Fruit

Fruits of the Spirit: Joy and Peace The Guiding Fruits

Fruits of the Spirit: Patience

Fruits of the Spirit: Goodness and Kindness

Fruits of the Spirit: Faithfulness

Fruits of the Spirit: Gentleness and Self-Control

Improve Your Thinking, Improve Your Life

Improve Your Words, Improve Your Life

Improve Your Routine, Improve Your Life

The Star of David-Part 1

The Star of David-Part 2

The Invitation: Part 1

The Invitation: Part 2

The End: Part 1

The End: Part 2

One Small Step, One Giant Leap

Finding Community

Guest Speaker-Stan Lester

The Garment of Praise

Speaking Faith into Your Future

Nothing Takes God by Surprise

God’s Classroom-Part 1

God’s Classroom-Part 2

God’s Classroom-Part 3

Faithful Men: The Teacher

Faithful Men: The Soldier

Faithful Men: The Farmer

Faithful Men: The Athlete

Perfected Praise

Jesus Is-Holding Everything Together

Jesus Is-King

Passion of the Christ Part 1

Passion of the Christ-Part 2

Passion of the Christ-Part 3

Backed into a Corner, But with a Sword

Wind in My Sails

The Song of Thanksgiving

Ministry Myths: Executive Pastor Joe Dobbins

The Gatekeepers

You Were Made for a Mission

Order Up

Word: Ephesians Part 1

Word: Ephesians Part 2

Word: Ephesians Part 3

Word: Ephesians Part 4

Word: Ephesians Part 5

Genesis Series: Part 1 Divine Order

Genesis Series: Part 2 Divine Detox

Genesis Series: Part 3 Divine Design

Genesis Series: Part 4 Divine Dream

Genesis Series: Part 5 Divine Patterns

Relationology: Part 1 Community

Relationology: Part 2 Friendship

Relationology: Part 3 Marriage

Relationology: Part 4 Life Together

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