It seems that everyone is looking for light at the end of the tunnel.  We use that phrase to describe our need for hope that things are going to change.  You don’t have to worry about things changing, that is going to happen whether we want it or not.  God created the world to operate in seasons.  Everyone gets a new season every year. Winter is how the plant life sleeps and replenishes in order to get ready for seed, time and harvest.  Knowing that a new season is about to come should gives us all hope and should make us tie up the loose ends of this year in order to break free from it and say, “good bye.” This morning I made a list of everything I need to finish in order to look forward next year.  On that list are meetings, projects I need to finish, documents I need to write, files I need to clean out and even a few people I need to move on from. If I don’t like my present circumstances I can “visioneer” my way out.  I just imagine what I want the future to look like and start making plans and praying prayers in that direction.  That is called visions and dreams.  God designed us to think that way.  Don’t wait on someone else to cut the path you will be traveling on next year.  God told Abraham, “If you can see if from where you are standing, I will give it to you.” God is saying the same thing to you.  See it now, plan it now, live it tomorrow. What will your life look like next year?  Another tunnel or an exciting new freshly cut path.  I say, “sharpen the blade and start cutting north!”

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