Music is the language of the soul.  There is something about chords, harmonies, sounds and sync that seems to bring the soul together.  The soul as we understand it is made up of our mind, will and emotion. The mind is a complicated series of thoughts, analytics, memories, calculations, predictions, interpretations and processes. But music somehow pulls a single thread which ties all of this into a moment of calm, joy, sacredness or hope. Our will is determined by our goals, passions and beliefs. Songs give lyrical hope, unlock deep passions and gives life rhythm. Our emotions are a combination of thoughts, processes, chemistry, environment, relationships, mood, reactions and perceived fears, joys, hopes or peace.  This complex organic machinery we call the soul has been the subject of debate in the highest courts of thought and theology. Yet, music can tame it, change its course of direction and instill hope and passion.  All musical instruments exist in three categories: strings, wind and percussion. God calls for worship which is a symphony of the human instrument.  We play chords or sound with vocal chords (strings) which can only be played by blowing thought the wind pipe (wind) and we clap our hands or pat our feet to give it rhythm (percussion). No wonder God put so much emphasis on music in the Bible.  It’s the symphony of the soul and has even been known to sooth the savage beast.  Tune your ears to the salve of the soul; music.

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