How are you discipling your new converts?  Too many church put too much stock in the sinners prayer, when no follow up or commitments are made after the prayer.  We hear the reports of how many prayed, but seldom see follow up information on how many stayed. New convert classes only work in certain type churches.  Some churches consider the pulpit, their discipleship program, but how can you grow, if you can’t ask questions? New converts don’t need lecture, they need conversation.  The simplest method I know for accomplishing this goal is to start a rotating Bible study on the book of Mark.  Don’t teach it, but rather ask each person in the class to read one chapter and then come and discuss it over coffee. The reason I call it a rotating class is because when you finish Mark chapter 16, you simply start back over on chapter 1.  A person can stay in the discussion group as long as they want.  New people can join in at anytime because even if they come in at chapter 8, they will still be able to cover the whole gospel of mark by staying in the rotating discussion.  This method requires no teaching, but needs to be led by a mature Christian who understands the Bible.