A high capacity leader is like manna from heaven to a ministry leader. You don’t worry about them following through because they bring others along on the mission. You don’t wonder if a high capacity leader will be there because they always show up early. They don’t slide by with minimum effort, they fully engage. High capacity leaders provide what is essential to the life of a ministry, a passionate and joyous ministry partner.

As a leader in ministry, you will not survive without leaders you can trust to lead others. These leaders lead others not because you can’t, but because your ministry will not grow without them. Believe it or not, they are in your organization somewhere, and you can pull them in.

One of the biggest mistakes we make in the church volunteer world is we tend to challenge to the lowest level of commitment. Because Sunday is always coming and we need to fill the schedule, we do anything short of sin to get someone to volunteer. “Would you be willing to serve once a month as a 1st-grade helper?  It is really simple, we provide everything for you so all you have to do is stand in the room.” “We are looking for 10 people to help greet on Easter Sunday. We just need you for this Sunday because we want to put our best foot forward for visitors that we don’t expect to see any other Sunday out of the year.”

When you CHALLENGE to the minimal level you will . . .

  • get minimum commitment
  • have passionless workers
  • always be recruiting your next batch of volunteers.

On the other hand, when you challenge to a higher level of commitment and service you will . . .

  • find ministry partners
  • have passionate volunteers who take ownership in the mission
  • have a volunteer that inspires others.

The challenge isn’t simple, nor is it complex. You are the leader of this ministry and you know what is needed to take it to the next level. The next time you sit down with a new possible leader or one that is currently serving in your ministry, share with them your vision. Talk with them about the strategy needed to reach kids or students in your community. Talk about the kids in your environment and that eternity is at stake each week. Talk about that leader’s specific gifts and abilities and how you might work together. Share your need for partners in the ministry and how you feel you could work together. They may or may not sign on, but at least you invited them to the high calling of serving in ministry. The stakes are too high not to challenge!

Once you have those partners in place, then you are ready to DELEGATE. Keep in mind that a High Capacity Leader has made a high level commitment. Therefore, you need to Delegate Authority not just Tasks. There is a difference, let me explain. . . .

By Delegating Tasks

the leader constantly directs volunteers
 the leader remains hands on with everything 
the leader suppresses the innovative input of volunteers 
the leader views volunteers as workers 
the leader creates a bottle neck in the leadership pipeline

By Delegating Authority

the leader cast vision for ministry 
the leader empowers capable leaders with the responsibility
 the leader creates an opportunity for innovation and expansion 
the leader views volunteers as partners 
the leader develops leaders who will develop leaders

When the leader is in survival mode, there is a necessity to delegate tasks. No leader wants to live in survival mode. By raising up leaders to whom you can delegate authority allows the ministry to thrive.

By: Pat Rowland

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