1. The Lead Pastor’s Role

 Success in Life Groups hinges upon the Lead Pastor’s endorsement and being 100% committed to building Life Groups.


2.  The Staff Member’s Role

Staff members cannot simply “talk about” life groups as something the congregation should become involved in, they must become part of a life group themselves.  Every staff member is expected to lead or attend a life group by modeling the expectation we have of our church members through regular attendance, participation and enthusiasm.


3.  The Churches’ Role

In order for life groups to grow and thrive, the entire church must commit to       building a church culture where relationships are valued and built.  Team ministry must be built on genuine relationships within the teams.


 4.  The Evangelism Role

     5 semesters in a row, Pastor Chris Hodges, led a “Growing Kids God’s Way”

small group.  He would invite 4 couples in the church and ask them to invite 4

couples outside the church.  Each time, the 4 invited couples always joined

the church.


5. The Discipleship Pastor’s Role

Examples: Men’s running groups; Father-Son groups ; Groups that eat out together,

Service groups; Care groups; Scrapbooking groups; Photography groups ; Athletic groups

Prayer groups; Outdoorsmen groups ;Mothers’ day out groups


6. The Life Group Leader’s RoleIntentional relationships build discipleship. 

5 things TO DO in their life group based on Acts 2:

  1. Teach  “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another (Proverbs 27:17).
  2. Fellowship  When a person is in a life group, he/she experiences the love and strength of biblical community.
  3. Eat (optional).  Some of our fondest memories are spent sharing a meal with others.
  4. Pray  Regularly pray for the group members, the success of the group and lead the group in prayer.  People in the group need to hear the life group leader pray.
  5. Care/Serve Each other and the community

 4 Things NOT TO DO in their life group:

1.  Business – do not sell anything in a life group.

  • Do not take up any offering in a life group except for an agreed project (e.g., the missionary the life group ministry is sponsoring that year).
  • Do not use unapproved material.
  • Do not allow negative talk or gossip guised as a prayer request.



  1. A group is comprised of at least 4 or 5 people that meet either weekly or twice a month.  The leader decides the day and time how the group functions.  Groups meet during fall and winter/spring semester with breaks in between and an optional summer term.  Some groups will want to go beyond the semester.
  • Hand pick your first generation of leaders to get life groups started.  You reproduce WHO YOU ARE, not necessarily what you say.  Highlight those leaders publicly on videos. Use their stories in the sermons.
  • If you have a leader who loves Jesus and loves people, they are going to be successful.

Leader Qualifications:

  1.  Attend training – It’s about 2 hours long.
  2. Leaders must have completed the CONNECT TRACK.
  3. Meet with the Discipleship Pastor or a Coach (e.g., Team Leader) to discuss ministry passion and gifting.
  4. Support the honor code for all life group leaders.
  5. Work in the spirit of team with other life group leaders and TRWC staff in creating unity and harmony.
  6. Be a regular attender for a minimum of one year (or provide references from a former church); must be a tither.


8. The Role of the Life Group COACHES (e.g., Team Leaders)

  1. Coaches oversee teams of life group leaders.
  2.  They pray for the life group leaders and follow up on their group’s progress.
  3. They visit the group at least once to show support and provide feedback/encouragement.
  4. They do not have meetings.  They build a one-on-one relationship with the life group leaders.
  5. They work alongside the Discipleship Pastor and assist with training, recruitment and support.


Every life group leader is EXPECTED to RECRUIT INSIDE and OUTSIDE of the church.

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