Broken Trophies

I never cease to be amazed as how God uses the broken as his finest tuned instruments.  Brokenness takes us to God initially, but there under His shadow we discover a peaceful classroom.   It’s a place of peace, growth and fresh beginnings.  When you are there, God is so personal it feels like you are the only person in the class.  God is awesome that way.  It is in this place, we discover things about ourselves, we learn, we dig for treasure; we sing songs and soak in peace like sunshine.   The thing we have to remember about this place is that is doesn’t move, we do.  It is always waiting there for us to return. The way back to that place starts with desire and a time commitment.  Brokenness is a horrible place to be emotionally, but it frees up our schedule. We prioritize in order to restore our emotions.  There are two ways in to the secret place:  We can go in our self (worship), or God can bring us in (brokenness).  Both paths lead to the same place- His presence.
Luke 7:47 is a scripture found in the story of Mary who broke the alabaster box and anointed Jesus head and feet.  The men in the room were indignant that she has interrupted their room with such as disruptive act of worship.  She told them to leave her alone that long after all of their names were forgotten, they would still be telling the story of Mary and the alabaster box.  In Luke 7:47, Jesus says, “She loves so much, and because she was forgiven so much and it someone is forgiven only a little, they love on a little.” (Paraphrased)  The people who have been put into situations where they have to forgive others will have the ability to love much deeper than those who only had to forgive a little.  God turns the pain into power.  He turns the guilt into grace.  In the end when we overcome, we are full of grace and a deeper love for everyone in our life.  The whole process has made our heart bigger

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