Bows & Arrows

Bows and Arrows is a two-day mentoring experience designed to start a mentoring process in your region.

In order to attend Bows and Arrows, you must come with a person from another generation. No one is allowed to attend alone.

We will deal with subjects such as:
• Passing the Torch of Ministry
• Succession Planning
• Mentoring
• Running Together
• and much more

Each session in this two day round table experience will offer a 45 minute presentation complete with handouts. At the end of the presentation, the table will have a 45 minute discussion on what they just heard.

Before the conference is over, each generational team will make a covenant to connect once a month for the next year.

The goal of this conference is to raise up a new generation of ministers from our sons and daughters.

Bows are the older generation called upon by the Lord to guide the arrows, the younger generation (Psalm 127).