Dr. Bryan Cutshall

Clarify the Win

• It is impossible to know if you are making progress if you are not clear on the destination. This requires examining each church ministry, various programs and events and asking the question, “When all is said and done, what is it we want to look back on and celebrate?”
Do you know what a win looks like in your church or ministry? Do you have a scoreboard so everyone knows when to cheer?
• It’s difficult to tell when things are working well in church. A win is more complicated in church so knowing what a win looks like is important.
• No player in any sports team is confused about the goal. They may not reach it but they know what it is. If you give people a good goal then most of the time they’ll work hard to get there. But if the goal is unclear, they’re forced to guess, or worse, decide for themselves what a win really is.
• With or without a goal, people will work hard to get somewhere. The question is: Are they getting where you want them to go?
• How do you clarify the win? Just ask yourself, ‘What is the most important thing?’ ‘Life change’ is our obvious goal but how do we measure that? Figure out where and how life change happens best and move people there.
• In baseball the goal is to get to home plate. That’s where a win occurs. You have to decide where a win bet happens for you. Is it your Sunday morning service or somewhere else? Once you know where it is, then you have to take the necessary steps to get there. Give people a clear target and they’re more likely to hit it.

We only do 4 Things at Twin Rivers:

Experience God through Worship
Connect through the Connect Track
Grow in a Life Group
Serve on a Team





Experience God through Worship

We measure how many people are attending our worship services.
• Car Counts
• Head Counts
• Youth Service
• Children Service
• Satellite Campus
• Senior Adult Service
How many people came and worshipped this week?

Connect through Connect Track

We measure how many people are visiting, coming to Pastors Breakfast and going through Connect Track.
• Our goal is to INVITE.
• Get 30% of the invited to go through Connect Track
• Get 50% of those to stay.

Grow through Life Groups

We measure how many people are attending our Life Groups.
• How many groups launched?
• How many groups made it?
• How many groups continued the next semester?
• How many are attending weekly classes?

Serve on a Team

We measure how many people are volunteering in our church.
• We track each team to see how many volunteers are involved. We talk to the leader if the teams have dropped off in volunteers.
• We have 7 Teams that are all lead by staff.
• We have multiple groups within those teams.

For every PERSON you get INVOLVED in the weekend service, 4 more people will come to watch them serve.
Billy Graham Association
50 volunteers = 250 in attendance


We only do 4 Things at Twin Rivers!

Experience God through Worship
Connect through the Connect Track
Grow in a Life Group
Serve on a Team


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