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$49.00 / month for 12 months


Pastors and leaders today want only the most relevant and necessary elements for leading a church into growth. Yet many strategies, conferences and models focus on style more than results.

After years of practice, research and proven success in churches of varying sizes, we have isolated the most important qualities for guaranteed success. These qualities and accompanying formulas have been tested, proven and condensed to create Formula Twelve.

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Formula Twelve will lead you through monthly sessions (12) that cover proven strategies that will help your church grow. Each month you will uncover a new formula that is essential to leading your church to the next level!

Session Topics Include:

  • Formula of Leadership: Maximizing Your 15%
  • Formula of Vision: The 26 Day Law
  • Formula of Reaching People: The 80% Truth
  • Formula of Communication: The 2+2+2 Strategy
  • Formula of Life Giving Worship: The 10 Responses
  • Formula of Events: The 10 Week Rule
  • Formula of Impressing Guests: The 7×5 Law
  • Formula of Connecting Guests: The 48 Hour Window
  • Formula of Next Steps: The ¼ Goal
  • Formula of Community: The 1 Focus Principle
  • Formula of Care: The 7:100 Ratio
  • Formula of Measurement: Attendance/Follow-Up Connection


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